Combining Food Diet. Soups.

The Good Old Soup.

food combining diet food plan, soupsBelow are some Soups that you can incorporate into your food combining diet meal plan.  I know soups are not the most exciting thing to eat but remember we want to lose weight and do it healthily!

I used to think of soup as a starter before my main meal but now I am into soups as a meal. Admittedly I do have a couple of healthy crisp breads (Riveta) with them.



Food combining diet meal plan.



4 cups fresh Tomato juice.

½ cup Cucumber, chopped

¼ cup celery, finely chopped

¼ cup Green Bell Pepper, chopped

1 Tbs. Olive Oil

1 tsp. Basil

½ tsp. Garlic, minced

½ tsp. Pepper

Combine all the ingredients, cover and chill overnight. This is one of the easiest soups to make and it’s very good for you.


12 stalks medium Asparagus (or 16 thinner stalks).

5-6 large Tomatoes.

1 cup of fresh Parsley.

3-5 Sun-dried Tomatoes (the ones in olive oil).

1 Red Bell Pepper.

1 Avocado.

¼ cup dried Onion.

4 cloves fresh Garlic.

Good old Bragg Liquid Aminos to taste.

1-2 tsp. Spice Hunter’s Herbes de Provence.

2 tsp. Dill

2 Lemons or Limes, cut into thin slices.

You will need to blend the asparagus, tomatoes, parsley, dried tomatoes, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, and

spices in a food processor. Blend in the avocado until your soup is smooth and creamy. You will need to warm this in a pan and garnish with the lemon or lime slices.

Finally season with Bragg’s to taste.

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