Food Combining Recipes

 Hopefully you now have a better understanding of what neutral foods you can eat on a food combining diet

You can actually use the information in the food chart and design some of your own recipes.

You need to take into account that some foods like “proteins” require an acidic base in your stomach to digest them whereas starchy foods require an alkaline base to digest them. So you can see that by mixing the two requires the digestive system to work inefficiently.

It actually makes the foods you eat take far longer to digest which is not beneficial to dieting and health.

Don’t bother with a desert. For years I used to have a desert after my main meal and for years I would get indigestion.

Let me explain what happens when you eat even a healthy desert. .

Fruits need about 2 hours to become fully digested so if you have a fruit salad as a dessert it will sit on top of your main meal which takes about 4 hours to digest.

The fruit will sit there and ferment causing, in the worst case scenario, stomach ache. The most common effect that this causes is wind (flatulence) and indigestion.

Remember that this is a lifestyle change and not just a diet so STOP those deserts.

Now on to the recipes.

I have compiled them as follows. Simply click on the link to take you to that particular group of food combining recipes, choose one and put together a meal plan. Don’t forget to include some NEUTRAL foods if you need to.



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If you have any suggestions for a delicious recipe that I can add then please contact me.

As I get more Food Combining Recipes I will put them up so make sure you check back regularly.

Remember, choosing a Food Combining Diet does not mean you have to restrict yourself, this diet simply uses the intelligent way of combining different foods. Browse through the recipes and you will see for yourself.



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